In essence, access control is about making life so difficult for those who would do you wrong that they don’t bother, but at the same time making sure that the systems are relatively easy to manage and work and live with. Access control is also about managing the movement of people on a site – who can go where. So options might include external and internal barriers, different door types, different lock types, programmable electronic keys. Each circumstance is individual. The main aspects of ABR’s services are:

site consultancy, advice, troubleshooting
systems design, specification, installation, after-care
electronic and mechanical digital door locks
proximity and RFID contactless technology

standalone units – includes such as code handles or RFID
multi door and multi-site networked systems
 biometric reading technologies
existing system compatibility


Electromechanical code handle for interior doors. Keyless locking. Applications include limiting access, as in, for example, restrictions in residential environments.


Wireless, electronic battery powered door handles – these can be part of a building-wide security system or standalone.

The keypad type is generally used for individual doors




carried out on existing safes in situ or on new installations
electronic and mechanical combination locks
time locks
time delay locks
alarm activation under duress
audit trail downloads
dual or multi user code locks
Cencon single use code locks for ATM applications
networked systems for multiple and remote site management

Patented mechanical – disc mechanism

This particular type has a disc mechanism instead of pins and springs = helps prevent attempts to manipulate the discs so virtually bump proof and pick proof also right for harsh environments key and cylinder features have long patents 1bn + different key combinations symmetrical key - can be inserted both ways

The Traka version uses a fob with an electronic ID


door types – all: wood, aluminium, steel, uPVC, composite
commercial entrance door full service and repairs
door controls repaired, replaced and serviced
door hardware and locks repaired and replaced

Firedor is made to exact requirements, and has additional security such as astragal and dog bolt hinges. If vision panels are used, these are fire tested to 4 hours, louvre panels to 2 hours
Strongdor’s bullet resistant steel door – uniquely meets the requirements of BS EN 50518-1


Steel door sets manufactured from corrosion resistant high-tensile steel
Window security shutters

further pic here


cash transfer system which takes risk out of cash movements
fits all retail environments
single point transfer systems
multiple tube systems
deposit directly to safe or counting area